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Yuwell Oxygen Concentrators, 12-year long service life

Everyone has something that they have used for a long time and finds hard to let go of. These things can carry the memories of a generation, and indicate their high quality over time as well. Recently, as trade conflicts between China and US get heated, netizens in China have showed their support for national industries and products. Some friends of Yuwell have also posted photos of their long-lasting products at home.

Manufactured in 2007! Isn’t this the king of all products?! This is Yuwell’s oxygen concentrator a lady from Changsha bought for her mother, and it has accompanied the elderly lady day and night for 12 years now. The oxygen concentrator has guarded her health stably and she is still using it everyday.

Yuwell oxygen concentrator that has guarded the health of the patient day and night for 12 years

An oxygen concentrator is a necessity for those who lack oxygen. It requires complex processes to manufacture and it is not easy to maintain a stable quality for a long time. In the past, the market for this product had always been dominated by international brands.

In 2001, Mr. Jianqiang MAO, product director of the Yuwell oxygen concentrator led his team, started from scratch, and kept innovating. Today, they have launched over 50 products, own 34 patents, and have successfully lowered the noise index of oxygen concentrator down to 35-37dB, which is 38% lower than the 60 dB industry standard. Strength in research and development has made Yuwell a famous Chinese brand in the international field of oxygen concentrators.

Mr. Jianqiang MAO, product director of oxygen concentrator, and vice general manager of Yuwell.

“In 2005, we became a leading company in China’s oxygen concentrator market; in 2008, we successfully surpassed all of our international counterparts; last year, the annual sales of internationally branded oxygen concentrators were lower than 100,000, while Yuwell’s was nearly 600,000.”

Maintaining a leading position in a market like this, Yuwell has kept it for 10 years. When it comes to success, Mr. Jianqiang MAO said: “There is no shortcut. At the end of the day, what customers recognize is only this one word: quality.

Yuwell oxygen concentrators YU300 & YU500 and 9F-3AW won Germany’s IF design award.

Quality originates from pursuit. As far as Jianqiang MAO is concerned, industry standard is only a passing line for products. Yuwell has higher quality, better stability, and more credibility. For example, the average defect rate of oxygen concentrators in the industry is 2/100, while for Yuwell it is 1/1000, which is 20 times lower than the industry standard.

Stable quality over time has made Yuwell a trustworthy brand for patients, and has driven Yuwell to become a better brand and bring rhythms to more lives.

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