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Q&A for Yuwell Ventilators

17th June 2021, the State Drug Administration issued a recall notice of an imported brand non-invasive ventilator sold in China, due to the risk of the sound insulation material polyester polyurethane (PEPUR) used in the non-invasive ventilator.

In view of this, the FAQ are as follows:

1. Will Yuwell ventilators be affected by the recall of the imported brand?

A: No. The sound insulation material used in Yuwell ventilators is not the same type as used in the imported brand, and Yuwell ventilators meet related ISO standards, users can use it without worries.

2. What should we care in the cleaning process of Yuwell ventilators?

A: Do not use bleach, chlorine, ozone, alcohol, aromatic solution, moisturizer, antibacterial soap, fragrance, etc. to clean the ventilators, otherwise it may affect the performance of the ventilator and reduce the service life of the ventilators.

3. What should we care in the disinfection process of Yuwell ventilators?

A: Long term or repeated use of ozone disinfection may not only lead to internal damage of the machine, but also irritate the nose, throat, lungs, etc., especially for users who have sensitive respiratory tract. Therefore, ozone disinfection is not recommended.

The use of ultraviolet disinfection may lead to the potential risk of injury to the user's eyes or skin, and the internal disinfection of the machine may not be sufficient, so ultraviolet disinfection is not recommended.

4. I use Yuwell ventilator but mask of other brand for treatment. Is it safe?

A: Yuwell do not comment and guarantee products of other brands. For any questions, please contact your supplier or manufacturer. Yuwell ventilators and masks are not affected by this recall and can be used safely. Please follow the doctor's advice or strictly follow the regulations.

Suzhou Yuyue Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

June 2021

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