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Collaboration with Temasek Foundation

“As a Singapore company, we are privileged to contribute to our country’s COVID-19 support efforts.” Benjamin Chia (left) is Managing Director of Medico Pte Ltd, which has been providing technical support in our oximeter distribution exercise. His team of staff including Adele Lim (right) answers public queries on the usage and troubleshooting of the oximeters. Benjamin recalled a question that showed how attentive people were in keeping their families safe. “One parent asked if the oximeter would fit her children’s fingers. Typically, the oximeters will fit most finger sizes, except for kids below 6 years of age,” said Benjamin. It takes a village to support any public distribution exercise - thanks to all our partners and their staff who served on the ground, more than a million oximeters are now in the homes of Singapore residents to help everyone #StaySafe.

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