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YH-825 BiPAP Machine

  • Treatment mode: S, T, ST, CPAP, VPGS
  • Pressure range:4~25 cm H2O
  • Trigger adjustment: Cycle and Slope adjustment
  • Pressure accuracy:±0.5 cm H2O
  • Time-lapse boosting:0~45 min
  • Power:100-240 V,50-60 Hz DC 24 V
  • Automatic altimetric compensation:3500 m


YH-825 BiPAP/CPAP includes:

1 x Yuwell 825 BiPAP with a 1-year warranty

1 x Humidifier chamber 

1 x Grey Piping Tube

2 x Pollen Dust Filter

1 x 16GB SD card

1 x Power Supply with Adapter

1 x Yuwell Carrier Bag


Advisable to have a copy of the doctor's prescription or memo or sleep report to verify you need BiPAP/CPAP equipment and usage range.


The YH-825 BiPAP/CPAP device with built-in Heated Humidifier is a full set including the tubing and filters. The device comes with a monochrome display and is easy to control and set via the rotating knob. Patient data is saved in an included micro SD card and the data interpretation software can be downloaded from the card. Basic data analysis can be viewed directly on the device.


☎️Please contact us for appointments or other product enquiries.

Yuwell YH-825 portable BiPAP/CPAP machine with Humidifier

    • Goods will be delivered within 7 working days once the payment has completed.
    • Orders may be asked to verify additional information or may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and Medico Pte Ltd is not responsible for the delay in processing the buyer's order.
    • Working days do not include weekends or holidays. Orders placed on Friday after 12 pm or over the weekend will begin processing on the following Monday.
    • Lead time of products that mentioned in above for delivery may be subject to change in the event of modifications or further requirements by the buyer. Any changes in lead time shall be at the sole discretion of Medico Pte Ltd. 
    • The delivery fee is SGD 28.00 per order. The delivery fee will be waived with a minimum purchase of SGD 180.00.
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